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genre: angst. pairing: bakogou x reader. warnings: implied domestic abuse, anger, the couple should get divorced, sadness and anxiety. summary: just a wifey that desperately wants that love again but bakugou is an asshole basically. based on me and my husband by mitski, have been obsessed with this song recently. ———— Arduino rfi detector
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A chuuya nakahara x reader a/n: this is the 5th time bsd tags don’t work so I don’t have much faith in this showing up in tags but let’s have a bit of faith shall we? I am very excited to write this along with another one in my inbox which I’m stoked to take out and write already!

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[Bnha x Reader] (Y/n) was born unlucky, a destiny she never asked for, blood she despised, and a power that made others Isolate her. Sold to an organization called Arcana at the age of 4, she was forced into the black zone of morality, made into a weapon no other could compare to. DA: 81 PA: 14 MOZ Rank: 67. BNHA x Reader

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boku no hero academia my hero academia bnha mha bnha match-up mha match-up bnha headcanons mha headcanons midoriya izuku izuku headcanons shoto torodoki shoto headcanons izuku x reader shoto x reader Dec 26th, 2020

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Hey starting this new and my first book on here are some rules before I start . -I only do bnha x girl reader -I can write fluff ,lemon ,angst and many more -I dont do cannon ships....please forgive me -please put your suggestions down in the comments so that they can help me improve my writing?

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May 01, 2020 · my bnha masterlist. first posted: 1 may 2020. last updated: 28 may 2020. Originally posted by tetsuruo. bakugou katsuki ⧐ babysitter (fluff) 1k word count ↳ class 1a has noticed you keep turning up at the classroom door to calm bakugou down whenever he gets angry - which is often. maybe its your emotion change quirk that makes him feel better or maybe its just you?

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Bakugou x reader. Warnings: Angst, cursing, mentions/use of alcohol, almost harasment?, mention/use of drugs??, my heart just hurt ok, mentions of fwb. Word count:3,220. A/N: thank you for the responses on the first part, this is pretty soon after but I still felt really inspired for it. But ask and you shall receive.

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Protect me ; Hitoshi Shinsou x fem! Reader a/n ; request by @cherry-bug … I really had a tough time with comming up with a plot for this, so I hope you like it and that it turned out good!

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The title. Will do lemons. Will do female character x reader. Most Angst (cause of my shitty love for angst) 🌸 = Fluff 🍋 =Lemon and Smut 💔 = Angst 🍈 = Lime 《》= Scenarios -Bnha/Mha doesn't belong to me at all-

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @bakugous-lil-angel about bakugou-x-reader-angst. Discover more posts about bakugou-x-reader-angst.

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Pairings: Pro Hero!Todoroki x F!Reader / Pro Hero!Kirishima x F!Reader. Warnings: 18+, smut, mutual masturbation, minor temperature play, minor angst! Summary: Todoroki already broke your heart when he said he was leaving for 6 months, but Kirishima can glue your broken heart back together before he returns…right? Word Count: 5.2k. masterlist

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